WWE Raw, broadcast last night on TNN, from Nassau Coliseum in Uiondale, N.Y..... Eric Bischoff prepares his front line welcoming crew of Three Minute Warning for the arrival of Steve Austin later this evening... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia, in black mini and hip boots, looking gorgeous, is the ring announcer... HHH, with Ric Flair, has an in-ring chat and stare-down with Booker T... Christian d Jeff Hardy... Bischof approaches Lance Storm and arms him against Austin... Chief Morley d Spike Dudley... Bischoff approaches Chris Jericho and Christian... Jacqueline and Trish d Jazz and Victoria... The Rock and Hurricane have a comedy segment...Chris Jericho d Test, with Stacy. After the match, Shawn Michaels makes the save. Jericho pops him with a chair. Michaels blades... Goldust arrives... The Dudleys, still under suspension, give Chris Nowinski the 3-D... Booker T d Scott Steiner... The Rock tells Bischoff that he welcomes his match with Austin tonight... RVD/ Kane d Tommy Dreamer/ Al Snow in a hardcore match... Austin drives in... Bischoff, at The Rock's request, holds back the troops... Austin-Rock face-off in mid-ring... Bischoff offers The Rock a match against Booker T next week and calls 3 Minute Warning on Austin. Austin dispatches 3MW, then chases Rock away from the ring. The program ends with Austin in mid-ring.

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