Wrestling Tuesday / March 27

Shane Mc Mahon met with the talent @ WCW Nitro for 20 minutes before airtime last night. WCW will be run as a separate promotion, in competition to the WWF. There will be an inactive period for up to 8 weeks, after which WCW will appear on TNN. Bruce Pritchard & Gerald Brisco addressed the technical & production staff..... Vince thanked the WWF stars for their hard work & any role they had in the acquisition. He also said not to expect any interpromotional matches.... Eric Bischoff & Hulk HOG-an are in talks with the FOX network to begin a new national promotion.....Test looks to be the first WWF wrestler to cross over to Shane's WCW.....Did you notice the hidden shot Ric Flair gave to AOL-TW last night : "You can't hold our lives in your hands." So, we now have the young Mc Mahon with the control of WCW. This answers the question about the preservaton of the identity of the league...for now. After a period of time, we should see WCW on TNN, with cross-over talent exchange........ Mon night in Panama City, on WCW Nitro Season Finale: From Cleveland, Vince Mc Mahon announces that he has purchased WCW. The WCW crowd boos. WCW CEO Ric Flair responds to Mc Mahon, citing the history of the war between the two leagues. Booker T d Scott Steiner to become the WCW US and Heavyweight champions. Rey Mysterio, Jr/ Kidman d 3 Count/ Jung Dragons. WCW Cruiser champ Shane Helms d Chavo, Jr. WCW Tag champs C Palumbo/ S O'Haire d Team Canada. S Stasiak, w/ Stacy, d Bam Bam Bigelow. Ont tape, DD Page thanked the fans. The Filthy Animals d WCW Cruiser Tag camps Skipper/Romeo to WIN THE TITLES. ME: Sting d Ric Flair. Mr Mc Mahon's simulcast, followed by a WWF WM X-7 promo, ended the program........... Mon night on WWF Raw, from Cleveland : Vince Mc Mahon announces that he has purchased WCW. K Angle & C Benoit set their match for WWF WM X-7. Tazz d Val Venis. Wm Regal d Crash/Molly. C Jericho, dressed as Doink the Clown, d Wm Regal. Vince Mc Mahon, in an announcement simulcast on TNN & TNT, declares that he will bury WCW now that he owns the league. The WWF fans boo. Shane Mc Mahon, in Panama City, confronts his dad on the Titantron and declares that HE owns WCW, not Vince. Shane will build WCW up until, once again, it kicks his father in the ratings. Edge/ Christian/ K Angle d Hardys/ C Benoit. X-Pac d Test. Mick Foley returns to announce that he is the special ref for the WM X-7 match between Vince and Shane. Big Show NC C Jericho. ME: S Austin / Rock d 'Taker / Kane.

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