Wrestling Tuesday / March 26

WWF Raw, last night on TNN from Penn State : Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at ringside announce that Steve Austin has a clause allowing him to be a free agent...Austin has actually no-showed the show... Lilian Garcia, ring announcer... The top 10 picks are show on television, with the teaser that the remainder of the rosters are on WWF.com following the telecast...McMahon's picks : Rock, Angle, Benoit, Hogan, Billy/Chuck, Edge, Rikishi, D-von, Mark Henry and Maven.... Flair's picks : 'Taker, the nWo, Kane, Rob van Dam, Booker T, The Big Show, Buh-Buh Ray Dudley, Brock Lesnar, Wm Regal and Lita....Also on Raw : Tazz d Mr Perfect... Booker T/ Christian d Edge/ DDP... Trish d Ivory... the nWo d Hogan/ Rock by DQ... Jeff Hardy d Billy... Rikishi NC Lesnar... Cutaway to WWF NY with Jazz... IC champion Rob van Dam d Angle by DQ.... ME: Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WWF Title : HHH pins Stephanie Mc Mahon in a match also involving Chris Jericho. As per the stip, security escorts Steph out. She will no longer appear on WWF TV.

Wrestling Monday / March 25
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