Wrestling Tuesday / March 20

SOMETHING TO PONDER: TBS spokesperson Jim Weiss said that The Turner Networks would not air WCW "in its current form." With Eric Bischoff on WCW TV last night, I have to believe that WCW and Fusient are still in talks. The entire scenario could still be a work. With FOX and ESPN 2, I don't believe that WCW is dying, nor do I believe that we have seen the last of the promotion.......Here are the reports from last night: Mon night on WWF Raw: Raven wins the Hardcore title, d Big Show and Kane. Shane v Vince signed for WM X-7. HHH attacks Shane. Edge/Christian d Hardys to win the WWF Tag Titles, with help from Rhino. Announce: Vince on the Howrd Stern Radio show this coming Thurs. Tazz NC S Richards. 'Taker NC HHH. J Credible/ X-Pac d S Blackman/ GM Sexay. Ivory beats up a cardboard Chyna. Chyna attacks Ivory. The Dudley Boyz win the WWF Tag Titles from Edge/ Christian, with help from Spike Dudley. Cut to WWF NY and Eddie Guererro. ME: Wm Regal/ Chris Benoit/ Kurt Angle d C Jericho/ Rock. After the pin, Steve Austin does a run-in for the save. Rock gives Austin the Rock Bottom as the show leaves the air........ Mon night on WCW Nitro: Jason Jett d Disqo. Shane Helms d Kidman. Tony Schiavone announces "season finale" next Mon night. Bam Bam Bigelow d Shawn Stasiak, w/ Stacy. Eric Bischoff, on phone, announces next Mon night in Panama City will be a Night of Champions, and will be the last WCW telecast on Turner television. Kanyon d Smooth. R Steiner d Konan by DQ. Team Canada d O'Haire/ Palumbo (non-title). ME: Jeff Jarrett/ Ric Flair brawl with Dusty/ Dustin Rhodes.

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