Preview : Wrestling Tuesday / March 19

WWF Raw, broadcast last night from Montreal : Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at ringside... Lillian Garcia intros Hollywood HOGan to the house... HOGan challenges Rock to another match... Rock answers by pointing out to HOGan that the nWo colors no longer reflect his belief in the group... HOGan tears the nWo shirt off... Hall and Nash confront HOGan, and the ME for tonight is set... WWF IC champion Rob van Dam d Christian... Lita d Trish. After the match, Jazz and Ivory storm the ring... Linda Mc Mahon announces the long-awaited promotional split: Raw goes to Flair; Smackdown goes to Vince... The WWF men's and women's champions will appear in both...The draft will be held next Mon night on Raw, from Penn State....Vince Mc Mahon addresses the house...Ric Flair confronts Mc Mahon, adresses the house, then puts Vince in the figure-4 leglock before leaving the ring.... Edge/ Kane d Booker T/ Kurt Angle... Hardcore champion Maven goes to a No Contest with Al Snow when Paul E Dangerously brings in Brock Lesnar, who clears the ring...WWF Tag Team champions Chuck and Billy d The Dudleys...After the match, Buh Buh Dudley puts Stacy through a table for costing them the match....WWF champion HHH enters the ring.... Stephanie confronts him, and the ME for next Mon night on Raw is set : HHH will defend the WWF Title against Chris Jericho in a handicap match with Stephanie teaming with Jericho. If HHH pins Steph, or if Jericho does not win the title, then Steph will leave the WWF....ME: The Rock and HOGan d Scott Hall and Kevin Nash by countout.

Wrestling Monday / March 18
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