Wrestling Tuesday / March 13

Windy City Pro presents the 13th annual Battle of The Belts on May 26 in Hammond, Ind. Windy City is one of the longest-running indies in the country..... Major League Wrestling in Haysi, Va on April 7.......A complete listing of upcoming events in the Carolinas, along with the national/internatonal touring schedules of WCW and the WWF can be found elsewhere on this site....... Former TV talker Morton Downey, Jr is dead of lung cancer at age 67. Downey appeared on Piper's Pit at WM 5 in 1989.....XFL weekend ratings: Sat NBC, 2.4 ; Sun UPN, 1.2 ; Sun TNN, 0.8.....WWF Raw over WCW Nitro last night, 4.9 to 2.1........ The alledged Hulk HOG-an - Fox deal is merely an angle set up by Eric Bischoff. The work is that Fox and HOG-an would set up a "promotion" which would then "attack" WCW. It's more of a desperation ploy gone bad. Perhaps if it had not already been done...and may be in the works over at the WWF.....How many losses can Fusient absorb if the deal to purchase WCW goes through?.....WCW is offering FREE trips to "the next ppv" to entice fans to hang around for Thunder tapings on the Mon night wrestlethons.....Arn Anderson's suspension from WCW comes from allowing Totally Buff to do an unscripted interview.......Mon night on WCW Nitro: Dustin Rhodes attacks Jeff Jarrett. Midajah attacked backstage. Skipper/Romeo d Jung Dragons. Storm/Awesome d Vito/Johnny The Bull. Shawn Stasiak unveils his new valet, Stacy Keibler. Bam Bam Bigelow answers the challenge from Stasiak. Booker T d Lex Luger. Shane Helms d Evan Karagias. Kanyon NC Smooth. ME: DD Page R Steiner by DQ...Notes: With The Cat and Booker T "injured," Flair's Magnificent 7 jumped DD Page to end the show, and we never find out who attacked Midajah..... Mon night on WWF Raw: WWF Tag champs The Hardy Boyz, w/Lita, d X-Pac/ J Credible by DQ. D-von Dudley d Christian. C Benoit NC E Guererro. Shane Mc Mahon confronts his father, who is with Trish. Right To Censor d Chris Jericho. HHH attakcs 'Taker. WWF Hardcore champion Big Show NC Kane. Cut to WWF NY with Jackie, APA ( and Pantera ). WWF European champion Test d Raven. ME: WWF Title : The Rock d Kurt Angle by DQ............In-House Note: There's an easier-to-read look coming to the daily updates beginning tomorrow..... :)

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