Wrestling Tuesday / March 12

Mon night on WWF Raw, broadcast from Detroit : Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at ringside; Lillian in her cute black minidress in center ring... Rob van Dam/ The Hardys d The Dudleys/ Wm Regal... Vince Mc Mahon calls an emergency meeting of the WWF Board of Directors for the purpose of voting Ric Flair out....Stephanie takes HHH's dog, Lucy, by a court order... Test d Rikishi... Al Snow d Goldust TO WIN THE WWF HARDCORE TITLE... Chris Jericho's limo driver runs over Lucy, breaking her leg... Kurt Angle/ Booker T d Edge/ Big Show... Cutaway to WWF NY and Torrie, Terri and Jackie... Christian d Billy, then attacks D D Page... Jazz/ Stacy d Lita/ Trish... HHH confronts Stephanie and is attacked by Jericho... The Board's decision: Flair is suspended until after Wrestlemania... ME: The nWo d Rock/ Steve Austin.

Wrestling Monday / March 11
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