Wrestling Tuesday / June 5

Monday night on WWF Raw, live from Minneapolis: The WCW invasion begins as WWF IC champion Kane defeats Christian with help from WCW's Hugh Morrus, who does a run-in. Vince Mc Mahon, Mick Foley and Gov Jesse Ventura have a press conference in mid-ring to set up the ME. Jeff Hardy defeats European champion brother Matt in a King of the Ring qualifier match. Cutaway to WWF NY, wheere Molly Holly says that she really, really likes Spike, too. The Hollys and Kurt Angle defeat The Dudley Boyz. Chris Benoit locks on his submission hold and forces The Big Show to tap out. 'Taker comes to the ring; another vignette of Sarah is played on the Titantron. 'Taker slugs Paul E at ringside, then finds and accuses Vince Mc Mahon of being the stalker. Vince claims innocence, and sends 'Taker after his son Shane. WWF Hardcore champion Rhyno defeats Tazz in a second KOTR qualifier. Trish beats Terri in a gimmicked women's match that sees Saturn enter the ring in drag. In the ME, WWF champion Steve Austin keeps his title belt against Chris Jericho after interference from commissioner Wm Regal.

Wrestling Monday / June 4
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