Wrestling Tuesday / June 26

Monday night on WWF Raw, live from New York City's Madison Square Garden : Vince Mc Mahon opens the show with a video tribute to MSG and to his father, Vince... Hardcore Title : challenger Rhyno defeats champion Test, and is then defeated by WCW's Mike Awesome. Awesome leaves the arena with the victory and the WWF belt... Lightweight Title : challenger X-Pac defeats champion Jeff Hardy TO WIN THE TITLE... The Big Show flirts with Trish Stratus.... Tazz defeats Stevie Richards in under a minute.... Commish Wm Regal and Tajiri oversee the KOTR coronation of Edge, accompanied by Christian. Billy Gunn enters with a challenge to Edge; Edge accepts.... WWF Tag Title : champions The Dudley Boyz defeat IC champion Kane and 'Taker, who has Sarah @ RS. After the match, WCW's Diamond Dallas Page attacks Sarah.... European Title : champion Matt Hardy, with Lita, defeats The Big Show, with Trish by DQ.... Cutaway to WWFNY, where Shane Mc Mahon and the WCW champion Booker T challenge WWF champion Steve Austin... Austin and Kurt Angle, spurred on by Vince, taxi over to WWFNY to kick Shane and Booker.... APA leads an anti-WCW meeting with the WWF jobbers.... Edge defeats Billy Gunn.... Chris Jericho defeats Tajiri, with Wm Regal.... Austin and Angle enter WWFNY, only to find that Shane and Booker have already left. Austin challenges the WCW champion.... Shane enters MSG, along with Booker. ... Booker attacks Vince, and leaves him lying on the mat. The anti-WCW squad, led by the APA, chase Booker from the ring......... NOTES: Throughout the show, clips from memorable Garden matches were shown, along with interviews from Freddie Blassie, Gorilla Monsoon, and others.....Overall, a very good, solid, show.

Wrestling Monday / June 25
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