Wrestling Tuesday / June 25

WWE Raw, live from Cleveland last night on TNN: Vince Mc Mahon, in mid-ring, gives the WWE Superstars on the apron a pep talk about Ruthless Agression, setting the card for tonight... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler @ ringside, the lovely Lilian Garcia in mid-ring in black... Wm Regal/ Christopher Nowinski d Bradsaw/ Spike... Vince makes time with Jackie... Eddie Guerrero d Bubba Ray Dudley... Goldust, dressed as The Crocodile Hunter, enters the nWo locker room... In a match where the loser is bounced off of Raw, Tommy Dreamer d Raven... Rob van Dam interrupts the King of the Ring coronation with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar... 'Taker d Jeff Hardy... Hardy challenges 'Taker to a ladder match with the WWE title on the line next Mon night. 'Taker accepts... Trish/ Linda d Molly/ Jackie... X-Pac/ Big Show d Booker T/ Goldust...ME: WWE IC champion Rob van Dam d Brock Lesnar by DQ.

Wrestling Monday / June 24
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