Pro Wrestling Tuesday / June 22

WWE Raw, live from Miami, on Spike TV.... The Rock opens the program, introducing guests, along with his family and wife. He is interrupted by WWE IC champion Randy Orton, and Rock is ejected from the building on the orders of WWE Raw GM Eric Bischoff. As Rock leaves the building, Edge spears Orton in the ring...Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... WWE champion Trish Stratus d Victoria... Bischoff orders William Regal to face Kane; Kane KO's Regal with a kick to the face... Orton and Batista d Edge and Chris Jericho... Matt Hardy tells Stacy Keibler that he has a ring for Lita ...Ric Flair and HHH arrive in a limo, along with Eugene... Hardy invites Lita into the ring to propose ; Kane interrupts and says that the baby is his. Lita lowers her head, but does not affirm this to Hardy... Lita tells Hardy that the baby might be his... Film airs of the WWE Raw Diva Search Finals. The women are announced, including Playboy PMOY for 2004, Carmella DeCesare... ME: HHH d Eugene. During the match, World Champion Chris Benoit enters the ring, only to get the pedigree by HHH. the program ends with HHH standing over Benoit and Eugene in the ring.

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