Pro Wrestling Tuesday / June 21

WWE Raw, broadcast on Spike TV, from Phoenix .... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Draft pick from WWE Smackdown is introduced : Carlito ... WWE IC Title: Carlito d champion Shelton Benjamin TO WIN THE TITLE ... Viscera d Simon Dean... Edge and Lita's wedding is staged. Kane interrupts after the pronouncement, and slams the official... Victoria attacks Christy... WWE champion John Cena d Muhammad Hassan. After the match, Cena is attacked by Christian and Chris Jericho... Diva segment: the 8 finalists will be introduced next Mon night... The WWE Vengeance lineup is announced... World champion Batista d Kurt Angle via DQ when HHH, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels become involved. Raw GM Eric Bischoff orders a tag match : Michaels and Batista vs. HHH and Angle. The match ends when HHH pedigrees Batista.

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