Wrestling Tuesday / June 18

Last night on WWE Raw, broadcast live from Oakland on TNN : Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside; Lovely Lilian Garcia in pink in mid-ring... King of the Ring Qualifier: Rob van Dam d X-Pac, with help from Booker T... Vince Mc Mahon, in mid-ring, says that Austin is gone and drinks a beer to his memory... Jeff Hardy d Raven as 'Taker watches from the ramp... Goldust/ Booker T go through the weekly comedy routine, with Goldust dressed as a Charlie Chan-type... Paul E and Brock Lesnar visit the nWo locker room and warn them to stay out of Lesnar's match later tonight... Christopher Nowinski debuts with Wm Regal and d Spike... Ric Flair enters the building... Commercial airs for the Divas Undressed special to air on TNN Tues Jun 25... Flair in mid-ring says that he's not ready to go home, addresses Lesnar, then makes a match between himself and Eddie Guerrero @ KOTR. Chris Benoit joins Guerrero and Flair in the ring, first defending Flair, then joining with Guerrero in attacking him...Tony Garea calls Vince to tell him that "the man is on his way." Vince interprets that to mean Austin... Trish Stratus and D-Lo Brown d Molly Holly and Crash...Cutaway to New York and Lita... Vince prepares for Austin's arrival... Jackie enters and Vince asks her to model lingerie on Raw next Mon night.... 'Taker goes to a No Contest with Matt Hardy as Jeff Hardy enters the ring, followed by Raven. 'Taker and Raven doubleteam and attack The Hardys... KOTR Qualifier: Brock Lesnar d Booker T... the nWo attacks Booker T and Goldust after the match... Mc Mahon, in mid-ring, calls for a beer and waits for Austin. Tony Garea comes to ringside and tells Vince that the man is not Austin.... The Rock enters the ring and orders Mc Mahon out of it. He says that he will be @ KOTR this Sun.

Wrestling Monday / June 17
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