Pro Wrestling Tuesday / June 17

WWE Raw live last night on the NEW TNN, from Dallas.. Mick Foley opens the program by hyping his new book, Tietam Brown. Evolution joins him in the ring, with an attack. Maven and Al Snow make the save... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action ; Lilian Garcia, in red and white, is the ring announcer... A Gail Kim video airs...D-von and Bubba Dudley, along with Ivory, d Chris Nowinski, Rodney Mack and Jazz, with Theodore R Long...The WWE . Com question of the night is Who will join with Evolution?... An ad for JR's Cookbook... Garrison Cade d Lance Storm... Goldberg and Booker T d Chris Jericho and Christian... Eric Bischoff sets up Mae Young vs Test. Scott Steiner and Stacy Keibler come to ringside, in time for Test to give Mae the pump-handle slam, and leave with Bischoff...Rico, in his new persona, with valet Jackie Gayda, d Spike Dudley... Randy Orton, with Ric Flair, d Maven, with Mick Foley... ME: World Tag Team Titles: champions La Resistance d Rob van Dam and Kane via DQ. After the match, HHH invites Kane to join Evolution. Steve Austin counters the offer with another one: a World Title match for Kane next week against HHH. Eric Bischoff adds that, if Kane goes with the Austin offer, that he must put up his mask. Kane teases a turn, then chokeslams HHH, to accept Austin's offer.

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