Wrestling Tuesday / June 12

Monday night on WWF Raw, live from Richmond: Highlights: William Regal, Mick Foley and Linda Mc Mahon conference to reveal the triple-threat ME for KOTR and tonight's ME. KOTR qualifier: Christian d Kane. Clip from Mick Foley's Tonight Show appearance. The Hardyz, with Lita d X-Pac and Justin Credible. Steve Austin bonds with Vince Mc Mahon. Rhyno and The Big Show d Chris Jericho. Another video is shown to further the Sarah-stalker angle. Clip from The Rock on the MTV Music Awards. KOTR qualifier : Saturn d Steve Blackman. Six-person match: The Dudleys d The Hollys. After the match, Spike Dudley and Molly Holly kiss in mid-ring, and leave together. HHH rehab update. Cutaway to Test @ WWF NY, who confirms that he will join Shane Mc Mahon in WCW. ME: Cage Match : Kurt Angle d Chris Benoit, with help from Austin. After the match, Austin attacks Benoit.

Wrestling Monday / June 11
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