Wrestling Tuesday / June 11

WWE Raw, live from Atlanta, on TNN : Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross @ ringside; Lilian Garcia in the ring on the mic... Raw boss Ric Flair says that Steve Austin has no-showed tonight...(Actually, Austin booked a flight home to Texas for himself and Debra, choosing to leave the tapings earlier in the day. Austin was scheduled to wrestle Brock Lesnar, according to 1 Wrestling). Smackdown boss Vince Mc Mahon confronts Flair and challenges him to a match for total control of the company...Flair accepts...( Now, bear in mind that we are in the Southeastern US, on National television, with Flair in a ME...and, you know what that means... yep, time to SCREW FLAIR again )....XPac, Big Show & Booker T d Spike, Dreamer & Stasiak... Booker gets the pin, then gives himself the credit... WWE European champion Wm Regal, with help from TE's Chris Harvard, d Bradshaw... Molly d Trish in a non-title match, thus earning her a WWE Women's title match... King of the Ring Qualifier : RVD d E Guerrero... The Undertaker challenges HHH, then the Hardy Boyz...The Hardys answer the challenge, and leave 'Taker lying in the ring... KOTR Qualifier : Lesnar d Bubba... Shawn Michaels cuts a heel promo, then introduces the nWo... The group votes Booker T out... ME: For Total Ownership of the WWE : Vince Mc Mahon d Ric Flair... During the match, Arn Anderson enters the ring to taunt Mc Mahon. Brock Lesnar enters the ring and Anderson bails out. Lesnar sets up Flair for the easy Mc Mahon pin... NOTE: Pro Wrestling Torch reports that Flair will manage, and that another person is coming in to challenge Mc Mahon for ownership.

Wrestling Monday / June 10
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