Pro Wrestling Tuesday / June 10

WWE Raw, live last night from Miami, on TNN.....HHH and Steve Austin tease the name of the special referee for the upcoming Hell in the Cell match at WWE Bad Blood... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia, in red, is the ring announcer... Goldberg d Rosey... The WWE . Com question tonight is: who will be announced as the special referee??... Rob van Dam d Rene Dupree. After the match, La Resistance attacks van Dam, and Kane does not come to ringside... A tribute to Freddie Blassie airs... van Dam confronts Kane... Ivory/ Trish d WWE champion Jazz and Victoria...Miami Dolphins players are shown on row 1... Film is shown from the UK tour... Scott Steiner, with Stacy, d Lance Storm. After the match, Test attacks Steiner and Stacy... Austin intros the special ref for the PPV, Mick Foley. HHH confronts Foley, and tells him that, for his own good, that he had better reconsider... Randy Orton, with Ric Flair, d The Hurricane, with Shawn Michaels. After the match, Michaels battles Flair and Orton... Jerry Lawler hosts a spinarooni contest with Booker T and Christian. Booker wins the contest, but Christian attacks him afterwards and leaves him lying... Rodney Mack d D-von Dudley... Ross and Lawler run down the WWE Bad Blood card for this weekend... HHH enters the ring, which, like the Foley intro before, is surrounded by a steel cage. He calls out Foley, who tells HHH that he has decided to accept the duty as the referee. The two battle in the cage until Flair and Orton charge the ring to assist HHH. Michaels and Kevin Nash enter the ring, and the teams battle to further the angle for this weekend's ME.

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