Wrestling Tuesday / July 3

Last night on WWF Raw, live from Tacoma : Steve Austin tells Kurt Angle that he and Vince Mc Mahon don't need him around. Angle hugs Vince. Austin hugs Vince. Shane Mc Mahon enters, and challenges Vince to a WCW vs WWF brawl @ WWF Invasion. He then sets tonight's ME for Raw, for the first time a WCW Main Event, champion Booker T defending against Buff Bagwell...Albert keeps the WWF IC Title against 'Taker as DD Page interferes once again. After the match, 'Taker, Sara and Kane attack Page....Molly, with Spike, defeats Crash, with Jackie. After the match, Jackie attacks Crash....Torrie Wilson enters the room where Vince Mc Mahon, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin are talking. Mc Mahon leaves the room with Torrie. Austin follows them, and finds them talking in a shower stall....Tajiri defeats Scotty 2 Hotty....Kurt Angle enters a closet where Vince is making a move on Torrie..... Booker T meets Test, who hints that he may defect to the WCW...Chris Jericho defeats The Dudley Boyz in a handicap match, with help from Spike...Vince and Torrie make out in the restroom; Saturn interrupts.... Film is shown of Chris Benoit's operation.... WWF Lightweight champion X-PAc defeats Christian.... The APA searches for a mole within the WWF....Cutaway to WWF NY and to Tazz.... Rhyno d Test ; Rhyno will face Mike Awesome for the WWF Harcore Title @ WWF Invasion. After the match, the APA and company attack Test, who they believe to be the mole.....Matt Hardy/ Lita defeat The Big Show/ Trish.... Shane Mc Mahon talks with Buff Bagwell.... Sgt Slaughter tells the APA that Test is not the mole.....JR and Paul E turn things over to WCW.... the drape has changed, the WCW graphics are displayed, and pyro signals the start of the show..... Shane Mc Mahon enters and intros RA Stacy Keibler, along with announcers Arn Anderson & Scott Hudson. The ref is Nick Patrick...... WWF commish Regal has Shane removed from the building.... In his first intro, Hudson blows it by stating that, coming up , Buff goes for the WWF championship.... ME: WCW/ US champion Booker T defeats Buff Bagwell by DQ when Steve Austin & Kurt Angle interfere.....Torrie Wilson and Vince are in the laundry room. Torrie strips Vince, then has him close his eyes. When he opens them, Torrie is gone and wife Linda is there..... The show ends with Austin & Angle throwing first Booker T, then Buff Bagwell, out of the Tacoma Dome and into the street.

Wrestling Monday / July 2
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