Wrestling Tuesday / July 30

WWE Live last night in Greensboro: Dark Match: Crash/Danny Denucci d Stasiak/O'Haire... WWE Heat- The Coach and D-Lo at ringside, Howard Finkle announcing : M Hardy d S Richards... S Benjamin d J Credible... J Stamboli d Spike Dudley... Goldust d Wm Regal... WWE Raw, live on TNN- Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside, Lilian Garcia (in a black mini) announcing: Booker T d E Guerrero... Bubba Dudley/ Trish Stratus d Big Show/ Molly Holly... Jeff Hardy d Bradshaw; Johnny Stamboli d Jeff Hardy; Tommy Dreamer d Stamboli TO WIN THE WWE HARDCORE TITLE... Chris Benoit d Rob van Dam TO WIN THE WWE IC TITLE... The Island Boyz attack Mae Young/ Moolah... 'Taker d Chris Nowinski... Shawn Michaels is attacked backtage by an unknown assailant... ME: The Rock d Ric Flair in a non-title event... Flair is set to make an announcement, and Chris Jericho enters the ring and attacks Flair, proclaiming that he is now on the RAW roster.

Wrestling Monday / July 29
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