Wrestling Tuesday / July 2

WWE Raw, broadcast live on TNN last night from Manchester, NH: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler @ Ringside ; Lovely Lilian Garcia, in red and black, in mid-ring... Brock Lesnar d Ric Flair... Molly brawls with Jackie. Trish comes into the ring and pantsies Molly... Christopher Nowinski d Bradshaw... Booker T and Goldust comedy skit : Goldust as Darth Vader... Rob van Dam d Wm Regal... Bubba/ Spike d E Guerrero/ C Benoit... Video : Rey Mysterio Jr is coming... Booker T d Big Show by countout... Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash, in mid-ring, announce the nWo signing of HHH, then kick Big Show out of the group... Lita meets with the Hardys... ME: Ladder Match: WWE Title: champion The Undertaker d Jeff Hardy.

Wrestling Monday / July 1
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