Pro Wrestling Tuesday / July 29

WWE Raw, live last night on the NEW TNN, from Colorado Springs...Vince Mc Mahon opens the program, saying that he is here to avenge what happened to Linda last week... Jerry Lawler and The Coach call the action; Lilian Garcia, in pink and black, is the ring announcer... Booker T/ Scott Steiner, with Stacy, d Christian/ Test... Goldberg d Stevie Richards... Val Venis d Rico, with Jackie... Chris Jericho has Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton in the highlight reel... Kevin Nash d Chris Jericho via countout... World Tag Team champions La Resistance d Garrison Cade/ Mark Jindrak, then leave The Dudleys lying in the ring... Molly Holly d WWE champion Gail Kim TO WIN THE TITLE... Vince Mc Mahon confronts Kane. The two are joined by Steve Austin, who announces that he will remain as the co-GM of Raw. He tries to provoke Kane, but Kane will have none of it. Shane Mc Mahon enters the ring, and attacks Kane, then KO's Vince. The program ends with Shane chasing Kane up the rampway, Kane crashing down form it, then sitting up and maniacally laughing.

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