Last night on WWF Raw, live from Buffalo: Stephanie Mc Mahon, Shane Mc Mahon, Paul Heyman and Steve Austin enter the ring. Austin confirms his jump to the WCW-ECW Alliance. Austin challenges Kurt Angle, who approaches the ring. The two brawl. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam defeats Matt Hardy. Lance Storm defeats Albert TO WIN THE WWF IC TITLE. The locker rooms empty and a brawl breaks out in the ring. Tajiri defeats Raven. "Taker, with Sarah, defeats Rhyno. After the match,'Taker brawls with DD Page. 'Taker swings a chair at Page, and hits Sarah. Chris Jericho defeats Kanyon. Vince Mc Mahon arrives in a limo, walks to the ring, and reinstates The Rock into the WWF. Cutaway to WWF NY with The Big Show and Billy Gunn. Torrie Wilson defeats Trish Stratus in a spanking match, where the paddle is placed on a pole in one ring corner. Going into the ME, the score is tied at 3-3. The main event, an elimination tag tables match, sees The Alliance team of The Dudley Boyz and Booker T go to a No Contest with Team WWF (Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle) as Steve Austin attacks Angle.

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