Wrestling Tuesday / July 23

WWE Raw, live from Grand Rapids last night on TNN: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler broadcast from an area adjacent to the stage, much like the old Nitro set-up... Lilian Garcia, in red, is the ring announcer... Eric Bischoff opens the show with HHH & Shawn Michaels... Unification Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title, now inclusive of the European Title, Ladder Match: European champion Rob van Dam d IC champion Jeff Hardy to WIN THE WWE IC TITLE... 'Taker attacks Chris Nowinski... WWE champion Molly Holly/ Wm Regal d Trish Stratus/ Bubba Ray Dudley... Singapore Cane Match: Brock Lesnar d Tommy Dreamer... The Island Boys debut, attacking D-Lo Brown & Shawn Stasiak as Brown & Stasiak are wrestling a match... Goldust congratulates Booker T on his WWE Vengeance win, then gives him a Don King wig... In a contender's match, Chris Benoit d Booker T... Big Show d Spike Dudley... Dx reforms as Michaels and HHH are in mid-ring... HHH turns on Michaels, leaving him lying in the ring... WWE Smackdown boss Stephanie Mc Mahon arrives... ME: WWE champion The Rock d Eddie Guerrero... After the match, Rock faces off with Lesnar... To end the show, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar get into Stephanie's limo and Steph proclaims them now signed with Smackdown.... NEXT WEEK: WWE RAW live in Greensboro...Rob on 1st row... For the WWE Intercontinental Title, champion Rob van Dam takes on Chris Benoit.

Wrestling Monday / July 22
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