WWF Raw last night, from Providence : The show opens with Steve Austin drinking in a local bar... Spike and Molly declare their love, Spike turns down an offer from Paul E to return to ECW, The Dudleys attack Spike, then put Molly through a table.... Chuck Palumbo defeats Farooq.... Mike Awesome defeats Edge.... Vince Mc Mahon pays a visit to the bar to get Austin to lead Team WWF this Sun @ Invasion. Austin gives him the cold shoulder.... Tazz defeats Wm Regal. After the match, Tajiri teases an ECW turn, then attacks Tazz.... WCW champion Booker T defeats Chris Jericho, with help from referee Nick Patrick..... Saturn is unresponsive to an invitation from Paul E to rejoin ECW.... Kurt Angle defeats Raven.... The Dudleyz defeat The Hardyz, with help from Rob van dam.... Paul E, Stephanie and Shane address the WCW/ECW troops.... Freddie Blassie, Vince, 'Taker and APA address the WWF troops.... Cutaway to WWFNY, with the reminder of Lita's video signing..... Trish defeats Terri. After the match, Torrie and Stacy interfere, attacking Trish. Lita comes in to aid her partner..... ME : DD Page/ Rhyno - 'Taker/ Kane go to a No Contest when the locker room empties into the ring. During the brawl, Austin makes his way to the ring, knocking aside anyone who isn't WWF. The house how ends with the WWF 5 ( Austin, 'Taker, Kane, Angle and Jericho ) in mid-ring. As he is wheeled out of the arena, Stephanie and Shane tell Blassie that, like the WWF, he will soon die...... Lillian Garcia was the ring announcer.....Jim Ross and Michael Cole called the ringside action..... WCW Referees Nick Patrick and Charles Robinson worked the show, in addition to the WWF referees.

Wrestling Monday / July 16
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