Wrestling Tuesday / July 16

WWE Raw, broadcast live last night from the Continental Airlines Arena in E Rutherford, NJ (across the bay from NYC): Vince Mc Mahon kicks off the show in mid-ring by announcing that he has hired two new general managers, one for Raw and one for Smackdown. The one for Raw will be announced tonight. ( I smell Eric Bischoff ). He also declares the nWo to be dead and passe.... At ringside are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler... in the ring is the lovely Lilian Garcia, dressed in a white mini... Chris Benoit d Jeff Hardy in the opener, a six-man elim tag with Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Wm Regal against Hardy, Bubba and Spike Dudley... Shane Mc Mahon warns his father against the new general manager. ( I now know.. it's Eric Bischoff )... Tommy Dreamer d Stevie Richards in a Singapore Cane match... Eric Bischoff, backstage, interrupts a Booker T interview to say hello... Vince intros Bischoff to the arena as a fellow SOB... Bischoff, in mid-ring, speaks, emphasizing his record on WCW Nitro...After the commercial, backstage, Bischoff sucks up to the 'Taker... WWE champion Molly Holly d Trish Stratus... Bischoff meets Ric Flair face-to-face. The two exchange words, then Bischoff stares Flair down as Ric walks away... Booker T d The Big Show by DQ... JR and Jerry do a ringside tribute to Jimmy Miranda, who passed away earlier this week... Johnny The Bull d Bradshaw TO WIN THE WWE HARDCORE TITLE... The Big Show stops in to see Bischoff. Eric makes a match for Vengeance this weekend with Booker T and The Big Show...Bradshaw d Johnny The Bull in Bischoff's suite TO WIN THE WWE HARDCORE TITLE... ME: WWE champion 'Taker and Brock Lesnar d Ric Flair and IC champion Rob van Dam, as 'Taker pins Van Dam...Bischoff is shown leaving a phone message for The Rock to join the RAW crew as the show leaves the air. Earlier in the evening, Bischoff hinted at signing HHH for Raw.

Wrestling Monday / July 15
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