Rob's Wrestling Daily / Tue Jan 9

6:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Rob Van Dam, on the audio update of his website, says that it was "even great " to see Paul E @ Guilty As Charged.... The WWF is holding tryouts seeking contestants for MTV's upcoming 13-week summer show, Tough Enough. The idea is to pull one or two prospects and offer them developmental deals.....This weekend on WWF Jakked/ Metal: Crash d Rios. MSP d J Joe/ J Abs. Kwik d Donovan Morgan. 2 Cool d Boyce Legrande / Robert Thompson..... Ken Patera, Jerry Lynn and Lenny Lane were backstage @ WCW Nitro last night.....TAZZ visits Craig Kilborn either Thu night or Fri night this week.....Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: O'Haire/ Palumbo d K Wee/Vito. Team Canada d The Animals. Rection/ Nash/ Page d Douglas/ Stasiak/ Jindrak. Meng d Don Harris. Kronik NC Bagwell. ME: Sid d S Steiner by DQ............... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Hi, Dawn Marie... Last night on WWF Raw: C Jericho/The Hardys d The Radicals. B Gunn d V Venis. Rock/ T Long/ J Doan d Kane/ Phatu by DQ. Raven d H Holly/ S Blackman. Kaientai @ WWF NY. Dudley Boys d Edge/ Christian's Dudley look-a-likes. Trish/ Albert d Test. ME: S Austin NC K Angle. HHH - Austin brawl, HHH hits Austin in the head w/ a pipe............ Last night on WCW Nitro: Disqo is the Mark Madden replacement. CEO R Flair opens the show, setting the matches. Chavo Jr d Shannon Moore. The Harris Brothers d The Cat. Kidman d L Storm. Sid Vicious d S Douglas. Meng attacks T Funk and Crowbar. Goldberg/ Sarge d Kronik by DQ. L Luger & B Bagwell attack Goldberg. K Nash/ DD Page d Thrillaz. ME: WCW champion S Steiner NC J Jarrett.....NOTE: NITRO from Winston-Salem on Jan 22 ( Rob has 4th row RS) will NOT air live, but will air on Tues night, Jan 23.

Monday January 8
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