Wrestling Tuesday / January 8

WWF Raw, live last night on TNN from New York City: Vince Mc Mahon struts to the ring with a gift-wrapped box and shows a montage of Ric Flair's more winning moments, along with his own eye, which Flair potatoed, and Vince claims took 8 stitches to close. Mc Mahon opens the box, and models the blond wig and Ric Flair robe which is inside. Flair comes to the ring, and orders Mc Mahon to take the outfit off. Mc Mahon clubs Flair with a lead pipe, and Flair blades. Mc Mahon leaves Flair lying in the ring.... Rob Van Dam d Test.... Terri & Trish tease a wet T contest later tonight @ WWF NY... Chuck & Billy d Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty.. WWF IC champion Edge d Lance Storm... The Rock/ Steve Austin d Booker T/ Bossman... WWF champion Chris Jericho d Rikishi... Spike/ Tazz d WWF Tag champions The Dudley Boys TO WIN THE TITLES... Jazz attacks Trish, cutting the T-shirt contest short... Kurt Angle interrupts the return of HHH. The program ends with Angle lying in the middle of the ring, the victim of a pedigree by The Game.

Wrestling Monday / January 7
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