Pro Wrestling Tuesday / January 3

WWE Raw, broadcast live from East Rutherford, NJ on the USA Network...Joey Styles, The Coach and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Kane d Shawn Michaels, with help from Mr McMahon. After the match, McMahon sends word to Michaels that he will be the first man to enter the Elimination Chamber this coming weekend... Gregory Helms-Jerry Lawler angle... Maria d Victoria... Edge-Ric Flair angle, including a Flair parody by Edge. After the tape, Flair attacks Edge, who leaves the ring. Flair then figure-fours Lita in the ring...Chris Masters d Shelton Benjamin.. Raw tour video airs.. HHH- Big Show angle, with Show sporting a cast...Shelton Benjamin gets a visit from Momma ...ME: First Blood Match: Kurt Angle d John Cena.

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