Rob's Wrestling Daily / Tue Jan 30

12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Today's Babe is Hellena.... Last night on WWF Raw: The Dudleys d Kaientai. Val Venis d Steve Blackman. In the contract signing for the ME of WWF No Way Out, HHH attacks Steve Austin and leaves him lying in the ring. The Hardys/Lita d APA/Jackie. Raven d Crash. 'Taker d Haku. Dean Malenko at WWF NY. Lita NC Jackie when both go after Ivory, who is doing commentary. ME: Rock wins a four-way with Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and The Big Show.......... Last night on WCW Nitro: Shannon Moore wins a four-way cruiser battle against Elix Skipper, Yang and Jaime Knoble. The Cat d Shawn Stasiak. Chavo Jr/ Road Warrior Animal d The Filthy Animals. Dustin Runnels and Dusty Rhodes debut, taking on Ric Flair and Road Warrior Animal. Lance Storm d Crowbar. DD Page is "arrested" for "attacking" a planted fan. Jeff Jarrett d Page by forfeit. Rick Steiner d Shane Douglas in a non-title bout. ME: Kevin Nash d Totally Buff. After the match, Scott Steiner charges the ring after Nash, and the show leaves the air..... Former Nitro Girls Fyre and Spice chat about their singing group Diversity 5 on Yahoo this Thurs @ 7 PM ET..... The WCW ppv for March is titled "Greed.".... Chyna is dating N SYNC member Joey Fatone..... Trivia: Chris "Crowbar" Ford is a qualified physical therapist.

Monday January 29
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