Rob's Wrestling Daily / Tue Jan 2

5:00 PM ET UPDATE...... MSG Network officials say that Paul E has let the ECW deal slide through and, that, effective immediately, ECW is off the MSG Network..... Shawn Michaels is in training for one last match in 2001. Michaels back surgery forced him into early retirement.....Look for HHH to return to WWF Raw, to confront Steve Austin, and set up a ME for WWF Royal Rumble later this month..... Dory Funk, Jr has taped the first episode of !BANG! in Ocala for FOX 51, starting this Sat, Jan 6, @ 6:30 AM. The next taping is Jan 27..... Ca Wrestling Fed in Graham N.C. on Dec 30 featured Don Kernodle as the US champion, Madd Maxx, Ethan Cage, Mike Yamaha and Shane Helms..... Kid Kash and Chris Hamrick in for Eastern Wrestling Fed in Forest City, N.C. on Christmas night. EWF has been sold to C.C. Daniel, who has renamed it Ca Championship Wrestling..... NWA Hawaii has opened a website. You can access it here..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Say Hi To Tori.... I had heard to be sure to set my VCR last night for WWF Raw..something about I understand, although I'm really not that much for Stepanie....If you are looking for PPV results that go back farther than I do, be sure to check out The Lords Of Pain..... Antonio Inoki is trying to negotiate a match between former NWA titleholder Naoya Ogawa and Mike Tyson.....NYC TV Guides list ECW on MSG Jan 6 as paid programming. ECW is paid for, and will continue to air on MSG late Sat nights @ 1 AM ET.....NWA Southwest has set its 3rd anniversary show for Jan 12 with NWA champion Mike Rapada defending against Hotstuff Hernandez. King Parsons returns that night, as well.

Monday January 1
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