Wrestling Tuesday / January 29

WWF Raw, live from Richmond last night on TNN : Kane d The Big Show... A Goldust video airs... Rob Van Dam d WWF IC champion Wm Regal by DQ... The Godfather, with 4 lovelies, and D D Page d Lance Storm and WWF European champion Christian... Ric Flair addresses Richmond, showing a video outlining the history of the WWF...Flair calls out Vince Mc Mahon, who tells Ric to sell interest back to him, making him sole owner, or the nWo is coming, and will destroy the WWF...Cutaway to WWF NY and Nidia... WWF champion Chris Jericho d Maven... 'Taker attacks Maven... Jazz, with Chuck and Billy, d WWF champion Trish Stratus and the APA... Booker T d HHH... ME: Steve Austin d Kurt Angle.

Wrestling Monday / January 28
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