Rob's Wrestling Daily / Tue Jan 23

7:00 PM ET UPDATE..... NWA Florida tonight in Tampa: M Rapada/ Sabu vs Horace HOG-an/ ???. B B Blair/ Cyborg vs S Kiern/ A Greene. L Lovett vs Hector Guererro. S Corino vs G Valentine. Buck Q vs Pepe Prado...... WWF Raw did a 5.6 last night....... S Steiner, B Bagwell and Booker T on the WB's Charmed Feb 1..... Trivia: WCW's ring measures 16 feet x 16 feet. The WWF ring is 20 feet x 20 feet...... WWF Smackdown may be moved to 9 pm as Pres Bush is pushing for a family viewing hour........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Here's Lillian.... And, Here's Her Website..... Mon night on WWF Raw: Test d Wm Regal TO WIN THE EUROPEAN TITLE. Acolytes d Hardyz. Jericho/Rock d Benoit/Big Show. Ivory d Molly. Kane d Phatu by DQ. Lowdown d Dudleys by DQ. Raven d Snow. ME: HHH/Sephanie d Angle/Trish........ WCW Taped Nitro and Thunder Mon night in Winston-Salem: For WCW Nitro, tonight: M Modest NC C Daniels. Kwee Wee attacks "security" man ( wrestler Chuck Coates ). L Storm d Konan. L Luger d D D Page. Mamalukes d Jindrak/Stasiak by DQ. Cat d S Douglas. ChavoJr/ Wall d H Morris/ L Laroux. ME: Nash d Bagwell, Luger is the ref....... For WCW Thunder, Wed night: Helms d Skipper. Helms d Karagias. Kidman d Helms. Kidman d J Dragon. Knoble d Kidman. Rey Jr d Knoble. Rey Jr d Leroux. Rey Jr d S Moore. Rey Jr d Kaz Hayashi..... Rey Jr will face the cruiser champ Chavo Jr @ Superbrawl Revenge. Awesome d Smiley. Glacier debuts. Kwee Wee attacks "fan" ( wrestler Marty "Champain" Garner ). J Jarrett d H Morris. R Harris d Crowbar ( w/ Daffney ). R Steiner d Bigelow. Backstage, Ric Flair ko's The Cat. ME: Kronik d S Steiner/ Animal..... NOTES: From my seat directly behind the broadcast booth, I could see Tony Schiavone reading prepared script the entire night. Tony's head never came up, except to be acknowledged for the cameras....Nitro Girls perform between every match on Nitro, and three times during Thunder. The upper level of the coliseum was full for Nitro, and empty for Thunder....DJ Ran was in the house.

Monday January 22
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