Wrestling Tuesday / January 22

WWF Raw, live from Greenville last night: Rob Van Dam, Tazz and Spike d Booker T and The Dudleys, with Stacy... Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle attack and double-team HHH. The Rock makes the save... WWF IC champion Wm Regal d Edge by DQ... Billy and Chuck attack Kane... Ric Flair addresses the house... Vince Mc Mahon enters and promises to do something to Flair that even he ( Mc Mahon ) will regret... Val Venis and Mr Perfect go to a No Contest as Steve Austin enters the ring... Chuck and Billy d Kane and The Big Show... Cutaway to WWFNY and the APA.... The Godfather announces his escort service, along with 4 lovelies, and goes to a No Contest with Lance Storm... a Goldust promo airs... ME: The Rock and HHH d Kurt Angle and WWF champion Chris Jericho.

Wrestling Monday / January 21
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