Rob's Wrestling Daily / Tue Jan 16

5:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Al Snow involved in an auto accident this past weekend in his hometown of Lima, Oh. A car crossed the median, striking Snow's truck. The truck was totalled; Snow walked away with neck sprain and a broken knuckle.... UPN is signing a deal with the Chris Craft-owned stations which would keep WWF Smackdown on the air.....Sid Vicious will be out of action for 6-9 months. The back problem will require surgery to remove bone fragments.... Tatsmi Fujinami, president of New Japan, has contcted WCW's Eric Bischoff regarding strengthening the working relationship between the two.... Jimmy Hart underwent emergency kidney stone surgery this past weekend.... This Weekend on WWF Jakked/WWF Metal: Lowdown d Boz/Reign (from Windy City Pro). C Holly d Vic Capri. Saturn d Chad Collyer...... Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: Rick Steiner d Kwee Wee. Mike Awesome d Billy Kidman. Totally Buff d Kronik. Ron Harris d Norman Smiley. Meng d Bam Bam Bigelow. Chavo Jr d Gen Rection. ME: Jeff Jarrett NC D D Page......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Thank you, Wrestling Women, for bringing us a Lita gallery.... Last night on WWF Raw: The Hardys, with Lita d RTC. Raven d Test/Blackman/H Holly. 'Taker/ Phatu d Rock/ Kane. Benoit-Jericho brawl. S Blackman NC H Holly. Trish NC Jackie. Kaientai/Tazz d 2 Cool/Kwik. B Gunn @ WWF NY. ME: Austin/APA d Edge/Christian/Angle...... Last night on WCW Nitro: The show opens with a mock funeral for Goldberg. CEO Ric Flair gives a heel interview, surrounded by his associates. Kevin Nash leads out a faction of faces, and challenges Scott Steiner for the WCW Title. The 2 sides recruit for members throughout the show. Chavo Jr d Crowbar to retain the Cruiser Title. The Animals d 3 Count. Team Canada attacks The Animals, injuring Billy Kidman. WCW Tag champions The Thrillaz d Kronik. Konan, subbing for Kidman, d Mike Awesome in a hair match that sees Awesome get a trim. The Cat d Bam Bam Bigelow. US champion Shane Douglas d Gen Rection. ME: WCW champion Scott Steiner NC Nash.

Monday January 15
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