Wrestling Tuesday / January 15

Mon night on WWF Raw, live from Dallas: Ric Flair announces that his match with Vince Mc Mahon this Sun will be a street fight... WWF champion Chris Jericho taunts Flair... Flair KO's Jericho... Mc Mahon enters the ring and pops Flair with the lead pipe again... Mc Mahon and Jericho taunt Flair....Spike Dudley d Buh Buh Ray Dudley... Billy and Chuck d Hurricane and Tajiri, with Molly and Torrie Wilson... Stephanie and Debra break out into a catfight backstage... Jazz d Jackie to win a shot @ Trish Stratus and the WWF Title this Sun @ the Royal Rumble... Kurt Angle d Kane... Wm Regal and Test d Rob Van Dam and Edge... Booker T d The Big Show...Jericho, Christian and Lance Storm d The APA and Rikishi... HHH, Austin and 'Taker tease and hype the WWF Royal Rumble.

Wrestling Monday / January 14
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