WWE Raw, live from Uncasville, Ct last night on TNN... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Victoria d Trish/ Jacqueline in a Hardcore Match.. The Dudleys attack Sean Morley; Eric Bischoff suspends the two... Maven/Test, with Stacy Keibler, d D-Lo/ Chris Nowinski... Gene Okerlund appears in a cameo, advertising the Tenth Anniversary show tomorrow night on TNN... Wm Regal d Jerry Lawler via DQ... Jeff Hardy d Raven; Hardy secures a spot in the Royal Rumble... Vince Mc Mahon in mid-ring reinstates the Dudleys and matches them against Storm and Regal at The Royal Rumble, addresses Chris Jeicho and tells him that Shawn Michaels will be the number 1 man in the Rumble and gives Bischoff 30 days to improve Raw or be fired. Vince leaves with Shane Mc Mahon, and implicates that Shane could be Eric's successor... Booker T goes to a No Contest with Lance Storm... Cutaway to The World and WWE Smackdown superstars... Hurricane d Stevie Richards... Scott Steiner strips HHH in mid-ring... ME: Over The Top Rope Challenge: Chris Jericho d Batista/ RVD/ Kane. Jericho announces that he will enter the Rumble as number 2. Shawn Michaels makes an appearance.... Note: Jim Ross announces that Ric Flair is not in attendance due to a family emergency.

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