Pro Wrestling Tuesday / January 10

WWE Raw, broadcast live on the USA Network from Hershey, Pa ...Joey Styles, The Coach and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer...John Cena challenges the new WWE champion Edge to open the program. Lita answers the challenge by accepting for EDge @ the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble... Ashley d WWE champion Trish Stratus via DQ.. Chavo Guerrero d Rob Conway to qualify for the Royal Rumble... Carlito / Chris Masters d Kurt Angle/ Shawn Michaels when Michaels leaves the ring .. Next Week: Michaels vs Angle, one-on-one... Clip of Stacy Keibler on Dancing with the Stars ... Qualifier: Shelton Benjamin d Val Venis.. Qualifier: Kane d Snitsky .. WWE champion Edge celebrates with Lita. Ric Flair enters the ring area, only to be attacked by Edge. John Cena makes the save, and FU's Lita.

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