Rob's Wrestling Daily / Tue Feb 6

8:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Late update tonight due to the first day of Grease practice....Mon night ratings have WWF Raw over WCW Nitro, 5.0 to 2.3.... This weekend on WWF Metal/Jakked: Albert d Onyx. E Rios d Kid Romeo. B Gunn d David Young....... ECW 's Chilly Willy underwent an emergency appendectomy this past weekend..... Chyna's trainer, Killer Kowalski, has ripped her book as being full of lies, and refers to HHH as a "schmuck."..... "Pillman 2001.." has been delayed until August....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE..... You Can Never Have Too Much Trish... Last night on WCW Nitro: Scott Steiner d Jung Dragons/Knoble/Karagias. R Steienr d S Douglas TO WIN THE US TITLE. S Steiner d DD Page. Kanyon returns to attack Page. El Nino d Chavo Jr. O'Haire/ Palumbo d Team Canada. Bagwell DRAW B Adams. S Steiner d K Nsh/ R Steiner. - R Steiner turns heel and joins with his brother -............ WCW will reportedly shut down for 2 or 3 weeks immediately following the Feb 18 ppv.... Superstars of Wrestling back in Australia March 16-25..... SC state athletic commision has ruled that any bout involving blood must be immediately stopped..... Steve Corino scheduled to be the ext NWA champion, probably in Tampa Feb 20 vs Rapada..... Cauliflower Banquet set for Feb 9-11 in Vegas @ the Riviera w/ Heenan and Tenay as emcees..... No ECW presence @ the NAPTE convention...... Last night on WWF Raw: C Jericho d M Hardy. Edge/ Christian d Kaientai. Dudleys d Kane/'Taker by DQ. Molly Holly attacked by a masked female. Phatu/ Haku d 2 Cool. Benoit d Snow. Chyna autographing books @ WWF NY. ME: Rock/ Angle d HHH/ Austin.

Monday February 5
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