Wrestling Tuesday / February 5

Last night on WWF Raw, broadcast over TNN, live from Las Vegas : HHH calls out Kurt Angle. Booker T answers. HHH is on the verge of pinning T when Kurt Angle attacks.... Chuck and Billy show off their calendar to Torrie and Stacey... Rob Van Dam d Buh-Buh Ray Dudley... Goldust attacks Rob Van Dam... WWF Tag Team champions Tazz/ Spike d The APA/ Chuck and Billy... Vince Mc Mahon confronts Ric Flair and shows a video of the incoming nWo... Rikishi goes to a No Contest with Wm Regal when Edge attacks Regal... Cutaway to D D Page @ WWFNY... The Rock sings for the Las Vegas house... Stephanie and HHH plan to renew their wedding vows after she tells him that she's pregnant... Jazz d Trish Stratus TO WIN THE WWF TITLE... ME: The Undertaker/ WWF champion Chris Jericho d The Rock/ Steve Austin.

Wrestling Monday / February 4
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