Wrestling Daily / Tue Feb 27

WWF Raw up .3 from one week ago to finish @ 5.1 last night.....WCW Nitro up by .1 to post a 2.3.......Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: J Dragons d Sanders/ Kwee Wee. S Stasiak d Johnny The Bull. S Helms d J Swinger. M Awesome d Konan. C Palumbo d Disqo. R Steiner d Big Vito. Booker T d S Steiner........ Jesse Ventura, at the National Press Club dinner yesterday, said that there is no friction between himself and the coach of the NY/NJ Hitmen......... Mon night on WWF Raw: Justin Credible/ X-Pac d Chris Benoit/ Eddie Guererro. Lita d Molly. Al Snow & the NY-NJ Hitmen @ WWF NY. Vince/ Trish NC Wm Regal/ Stephanie. Dean Malenko d Taka. Raven NC Chris Jericho. J Lawler/ APA d RTC. ME: Big Show NC Rock/ Angle......... Mon night on WCW Nitro : Rey Jr/ Kidman d Swinger/ Lee. Cat resigns as commish to focus on Kanyon. Team Canada d Palumbo/ O'Haire (non-title). Cat d R Steiner. Booker T/ DD Page/ Cat d S Steiner/ Bagwell/ Luger. Shane Helms d Shannon Moore. O'Haire d Kanyon. ME: Jeff Jarrett d Dustin Rhodes, Ric Flair referee.

Today's Babe : Kimona / Leia
Monday February 26
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