Wrestling Tuesday / February 26

WWF Raw, live last night on TNN: The nWo addresses the house ; Scott Hall challenges Steve Austin for Wrestlemania... WWF Tag champions Billy & Chuck d The Hardy Boyz, with Lita... Austin accepts Hall's challenge... Rob Van Dam d The Big Show & Lance Storm in a contender's match for the WWF IC championship... Booker T d Rikishi... WWF champion Jazz d Mighty Molly... 'Taker attacks Arn Anderson, to get Ric Flair's attention... WWF Title : champion Chris Jericho d Kurt Angle... Flair arrives in a limo ; ref Earl Hebner clues him in on what has happened to Arn.. The APA goes to Tim White's bar The Friendly Tap, only to find Chuck & Billy there... Steve Austin d Mr Perfect... The nWo attacks Austin, with Hall breaking a concrete block over Austin's knee.

Wrestling Monday / February 25
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