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Eric Bischoff says that there is no deal between WCW and Road Dogg... This weekend on WWF Jakked/ Metal: Crash d Low-ki. Albert d Mike Bell. RTC d Kaientai. K Kwik wins a squash match..... HHH went on a cursing rampage last night after Raw left the air. Most of his comments were directed to Lilian Garcia and director Kevin Dunn, who finally silenced his mic..... Sat Night Live producer Lorne Michaels is "enraged" that last weekend's XFL game delayed the start of his program by 45 minutes..... Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: Knoble/Karagias d Styles/Paris. O'Haire d Jindrak. Sanders d Kwee Wee. Awesome d Cat. Chavo Jr/ The Wall d Morris/ Rey Jr. Bagwell d Konan. ME: J Jarrett / R Steiner d DD Page / D Rhodes...... WWF Raw over WCW Nitro last night, 4.8 to 2.1 as the numbers for televised wrestling continue to fall........ Last night on WCW Nitro: Lance Storm d The Cat. Yang d Lash Leroux. Dustin Rhodes d Rick Steiner. Kidman d Elix Skipper. Shawn Stasiak d Chuck Palumbo. DD Page KO's Kanyon. Jeff Jarrett KO's Page. Kevin Nash powerbombs David Flair. ME: WCW Title: Scott Steiner NC Kevin Nash..... Turner executives are vehemently denying the WCW shutdown story..... Steve Corino and Simon Diamond have been in talks with WCW..... Steve Austin's Howard Stern appearance from last October will be rebroadcast next Mon, Feb 19 on E !...... Dawn Marie appeared in a mixed-tag match for the New Jersey IWF over the weekend..... WWF stock dropped yesterday, closing @ $ 15.36...... Last night on WWF Raw: Chris Jericho d Eddie Guererro by DQ. The Hardyz/ Lita d Saturn / Chris Benoit / Terri. Edge/ Christian NC Kane/ 'Taker. HHH d Billy Gunn. X-Pac d GM Sexay after Scotty 2 Hotty blew out a knee. "ECW's" Justin Credible and X-Pac attack Jericho. Wm Regal & Vince Mc Mahon attack Al Snow. The Kat dances @ WWF NY. Raven/ Kurt Angle d Essa Rios/ The Big Show. The Mystery Woman helps Angle and Raven. ME: The Rock (w/ HHH ) d Phatu ( w/ Austin ).

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