Wrestling Tuesday / February 12

Mon night on WWF Raw, live from Jonesboro : Ric Flair and The Undertaker set the ME for the night...WWF champion Chris Jericho d Edge... Goldust goes to a No Contest with Rikishi when Rob Van Dam interferes... Kurt Angle d The Godfather, with 4 lovelies... The Undertaker goes to a No Contest with Steve Austin when Chris Jericho interferes... Booker T d Tazz... Cutaway to WWF NY and The Dudleys... Stacey Keibler d Torrie Wilson in a bikini match... Rob Van Dam d Christian... Linda Mc Mahon tips off HHH that Stephanie is NOT pregnant... At the proposed ceremony where HHH and Stephanie were to renew their wedding vows, HHH declares the marriage over, hits Vince and shoves Stephanie. As the program ends, Stephanie snarls at HHH.

Wrestling Monday / February 11
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