WWE Raw, live last night from Los Angeles, on TNN...The program opens with a still photo tribute to Curt Hennig, who passed away earlier on Mon... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action... Eric Bischoff speaks to the fans, then blames Jim Ross for Steve Austin not being there. Bischoff tells Ross to get Austin, then fires him... Lilian Garcia, dressed in black and white, is the ring announcer... Test, with Stacy, d Christian... Ross is replaced by Jonathan Coachman on the mike... Former All In The Family star Rob Reiner, along with his 2 sons, is shown watching the action on Row 1...Booker T d D-Lo, with Theodore Long... Jazz d Molly Holly... Rob van Dam/ Kane d Rosie/ Jamal, with Rico... Vince Mc Mahon enters the arena, then the ring. He calls out Chief Morley and Eric Bischoff. He matches Morley in a handicap match against The Dudleys, with the stip that, if he loses, that he is fired. Bischoff, in a desperation attempt, calls for two girls to entertain Mc Mahon. Vince has none of this, and fires Bischoff...Bubba, D-Von and Spike Dudley d Chief Morley... Batista, with Ric Flair, d Tommy Dreamer. After the match, Evolution attacks Booker T, who is seeking revenge for Goldust... Chris Jericho d Jeff Hardy... ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons is shown watching the action...Vince, in mid-ring, is joined by Ross and Bischoff. Ross, who has been on the phone all night, reports to Vince that he has contacted Steve Austin and that Austin will appear at WWE No Way Out. Mc Mahon reinstates Ross. Bischoff is offered to kiss Mc Mahon's bare behind, but refuses. For his refusal, Vince matches Bischoff against Austin at No Way Out... Next Week : Two members of Evolution vs Scott Steiner/ Booker T.

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