Pro Wrestling Tuesday / February 10

WWE Raw, live from Portland, Or on SPIKE TV....The program opens with Paul Heyman, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon and Goldberg to set up Goldberg's jump to WWE Smackdown. Goldberg spears Heyman, then in aiming for McMahon, accidentally spears Austin to end the segment... Trish Stratus/ Chris Jericho d Molly Holly/ Matt Hardy.... Chris Benoit d Ric Flair... Shawn Michaels interrupts the contract signing for Wrestlemania XX between HHH and Chris Benoit. Michaels superkicks Benoit, then signs the contract against HHH... Kane d Hurricane... RAW GM Eric Bischoff offers Benoit a match against Shawn Michaels nest week... Film airs from the recent Japanese tour... Randy Orton baits Mick Foley, who is attacked by Evolution... Jerry Lawler dispalys the twin Playboy covers with Torrie and Sable, on sale later this week... WWE I C Title match : champion Randy Orton d Booker T/ Rob van Dam. After the match, Mick Foley comes to ringside, where he is again attacked by Evolution.... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action ; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.

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