Rob's Wrestling Daily / Tue Dec 19

5:00 PM ET UPDATE......... Numbers for the Big 2 were down last night. According to 1 Wrestling, WWF Raw won the war with a 4.8. WCW Nitro scored a 2.3.... Time-Warner stock fell 13% yesterday...... Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: Chavo Jr defends against Jaime Noble. Perfect Event and Jindrak/O'Haire are the last two teams in an 8-team Battle Royal to determine the WCW Tag matchup @ WCW Sin. Konan d Skipper. Bigelow d Crowbar. Goldberg d Smiley. Douglas/ Kronik d MIA. ME: Scott Steiner d The Cat.......... MTV repeats its look at Backyard Wrestling tonight on Real Life.......... 9:00 AM ET UPDATE..... Scott Steiner's shoot comments on DD Page last night caused Page to wait for Steiner at the the curtain, only to see a fight break out between the two. Steiner was all over Page, cutting his face in several places. Security could not pry the two apart, and Page left the building. Attempts to find Page were unsuccessful. Page and Steiner have a history ever since comments made by Steiner regarding Page's wife Kimberly. Nitro was basically booked on the fly last night, as Sid Vicious was in attendance, but walked out, unhappy with his program. The original plan for Jan's WCW Sin was to have a 4-way for the WCW Title, with Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Sid Vicious and RICK STEINER. The ME will now be a 3-way. The masked man who jumped Steiner last night was stand-in Robbie Rage. It will be revealed in future weeks that the mystery man is Rick Steiner, who has turned on his brother.......CBS has booked Survivor opposite of WWF Smackdown for next fall. The two will compete against NBC's Friends...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Today's Wrestling Babe from Wrestlepages.... Trivia from WOW Extra: Neither the WWF nor WCW visited these 7 states in 2000: Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, N Hampshire, Oregon, Vermont and Wyoming. The # 1 most visited state for the WWF in 2000 was New York, with 19 shows presented.....Ohio Valley Wrestling Christmas Chaos, cancelled due to weather, has been rescheduled for Wed Jan 31 in Louisville....No WCW Nitro on Dec 25 or Jan 1....Randy Savage starts filming "Spider Man" on Jan 16 in Los Angeles....Sid Vicious experienced a "stinger" at Starrcade, causing him to miss Nitro/Thunder and causing the show to be rewritten.... Lilian Garcia headed to Puerto Rico for Christmas....The NWA convention has been set for Oct 11-14, 2001 in Tampa.....The Dec 31 Orange Bowl parade featuring DD Page, Kimberly and The Rock will be broadcast by PAX Net.

Monday December 18
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