Wrestling Tuesday / December 17

WWE Raw, live on TNN last night from Orlando... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action ; Lilian Garcia, in purple and white, is the ring announcer... Trish/ Test, with Stacy, d Victoria/ Stevie Richards... Comedy with the new tag team champions Booker T and Goldy Claus... Nowinski d Maven... Chris Jericho, in mid-ring, calls Shawn Michaels a loser. Michaels responds with a super-kick to Jericho... Christian d Goldust... RVD/ Kane d Rosie/ Jamal/ Batista, with Ric Flair. Flair and Batista leave the ring during the match... Regal/ Storm d Bubba/ D-von Dudley... Jeff Hardy d D-Lo Brown... Booker T d Chris Jericho... Scott Steiner interrupts HHH's appreciation ceremony. Steiner demands a World title match with HHH, then signs with WWE Raw. Eric Bischoff sets the World Title match for WWE Royal Rumble in Jan. The program ends with Flair and HHH on the rampway and Steiner posing in the ring.... Next Week: Booker T and Goldust defend the tag titles against Chris Jericho and Christian.

Wrestling Monday / December 16
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