Rob's Wrestling / Tue Dec 12

4:00 PM ET UPDATE......... Tonight on WCW Nitro: Cat/Jones d Storm/Gunnz. "Santa" Terry Funk d Meng, Smiley and Crowbar. Sid d M Sanders. Perfect Event wins a 4-team tag match. Goldberg d Sgt Parker. Douglas d Cpl Cajun. Animals d Jarrett (minus the Harris Bros, who were feeling the effects of Ex-Lax). Scott Steiner d A-Wall...... January WWF Fanatics Series features The Divas in the Carribean.....On the WWF injured list: HHH- herniated disk. Rikishi Phatu - knee. S Blackman - bleeding ulcer..... C Jericho and Kane are well and are off of TV to sell their "injuries."..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... The commissioner of the Dept of Employee Relations in Minn has ok'd Jesse Ventura's XFL job, citing the fact that he is not a state employee.....WWF toys rank # 5 for the year in Male Action Toy major injuries from WWF Armgeddon, despite the storylines about HHH and Rikishi Phatu....Chris and Tammy have re-launched at Introducing...Chameleon.....

Monday December 11
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