Wrestling Tuesday / August 6

WWE Raw, broadcast last night from Baltimore on TNN: The program opns with Chris Jericho in the ring. HHH enters the ring and confronts Jericho for knowledge of the Shawn Michaels incident from last week. Jericho denies knowing anything. Rob van Dam enters the ring to challenge Jericho for the ME tonight...Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are on the microphone;Lilian Garcia is in mid-ring. (Lilian in a red halter and black pantsuit).. Bubba Ray Dudley d The Big Show in a tables match, with help from Spike and Trish.. WWE Hardcore champion Tommy Dreamer d Bradshaw.. Goldust and Booker T's weekly comedy skit is a take-off of Goldmember, where Goldust introduces Mini-Dust... HHH confronts Booker about Michaels' attack... Eric Bischoff is shown on the phone with execs from Sony.. Howard Finkle asks to begin alternating announcing duties with Lilian Garcia..Test goes to a No Contest with Sgt Slaughter.. BookerT/ Goldust d Wm Regal/ Chris Nowinski.. HHH confronts the Un Americans, who deny knowing anything.. Cutaway to The World in NYC.. Victoria d Trish.. HHH confronts The Big Show.. WWE Tag Team champions Lance Storm/ Christian go to a No Contest with The Hardy Boyz.. A trailer for the movie xXx is shown.. The Island Boyz enter the ring with Finkle and Garcia trying out for the announcing position.. Finkle bails out, leaving Garcia to do the job.. and get stretchered out.. Rob van Dam d Chris Jericho, with help from Ric Flair..Bischoff invites HHH to the ring. Shawn Michaels is patched into the building from San Antonio.. Video surveillance tape is shown from Greensboro, and Michael's attacker is proven to be HHH. The two set their match for Summerslam.

Wrestling Monday / August 5
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