Pro Wrestling Tuesday / August 2

WWE Raw, broadcast from Uncasville, Ct's Mohegan Sun Casino last night on Spike TV ....Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and The Coach call the action... Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Chris Jericho and John Cena open the program with a pull-apart... Shelton Benjamin/ The Big Show d CHris Masters/ Gene Snitsky... Eugene, with Christy NC Tatanka when Kurt Angle interferes... Vince McMahon announces the return of Matt Hardy to WWE. Hardy will face Edge @ WWE Summerslam... Rob Conway d Val Venis... A parody of Hulk Hogan airs, with the role acted by Shawn Michaels... WWE Raw Diva segment : Summer is cut. Actor Rob Schneider guests in the ensuing segment... ME: WWE Champion John Cena d WWE IC Champion Carlito, with Chris Jericho as the referee. Jericho attacks Cena after the match.

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